Philip N. Deatherage
Small Business Consultant, Web Designer Developer, Law-School Graduate

English is my first language, and one of my three majors in undergrad.


Learning French as a second language

Start-ups, Entrepreneurship
Business Development
Team Leadership
Juris Doctorate, 2021
Vermont Law School2017-2021
  • Focusing on international and technology business law.
  • Staff editor at Vermont Journal of Environmental Law.
  • International and Comparative Law Certificate
Masters of Environmental Law and Policy, 2021
Vermont Law School2020-2021
  • With distinction.
  • Masters program focusing on environmental law and policy, arbitration, and mediation.

LL.M. French and European Union Law; Taxation Law, Business Law and Compliance, 2020
Faculté de Droit – CY Cergy Paris Université2019-2020

LL.M. French and European Union Law; Taxation Law, Business Law and Compliance, 2020

Master de droit, 2020

Master 2 in Taxation Law, Business Law & Compliance
Faculté de Droit – CY Cergy Paris Université2019-2020

Master 2 in Taxation Law, Business Law & Compliance

  • Bien mention.

SBGK Attorneys at Law and Patent Attorneys20019

Internship in Budapest in international and EU IP law.

Summer program in Vienna, Austria
Santa Clara University2019

Summer program in Vienna, Austria studying international business law.

Summer Program in International Law
University of Akron School of Law: South Korea, Japan2018

Summer program in Japan and South Korea, studying international business, negotiation, arbitration, and cross-border practice.

Bachelors of Arts and Science
San Diego State University: San Diego, CA2011-2014

Triple bachelors of arts and sciences major, studying English writing, philosophy, and anthropology.

Year-Long Study Abroad
Aix-Marseille Université: Aix-en-Provence, France2012-2013

A year-long study abroad program, where I studied French language and business.

Owner, Sr. Developer
Deatherage Co: Huntington Beach, CA1996–Present

I started my first e-commerce business in 1996, and another in 1998. In 2000, I began working with small businesses as a business consultant and web developer, taking their ideas to full-fledged online businesses. Clients have included businesses in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, Mexico, and China as well as coordinating global teams of contractors to complete projects

Student Rep

Representing LexisNexis on campus through office hours, tabling, and workshops.

Human Resources, Accounting, Payroll, Executive Admin to CEO & CFO
Bel Essex American Corporation: Knoxville, TN2006-2008

Reported to the CEO and CFO. Handled accounts receivable, accounts payable. Human resources manager. Executive Admin: scheduling, production control, and other general office procedures. Managed 45 – 60 employees depending on our needs for automotive manufacturing.

General Manager
BCNHC: Drury, MO1989-2004

The Health center included a medical clinic, retail store, mail-order, and e-commerce operation. Started as a stock boy, and worked my way up to management, eventually leading the retail and mail-order, and leading the company’s e-commerce division.

Other Academic / Community
Staff Editor, Web Editor (2019)
Vermont Journal of Environmental Law2018-Present

Environmental law journal at a top-four environmental law school.

Vice President, Co-Founder

A student organization facilitating and promoting innovation in technology and the law.

IT Representative
Student Bar Association2017 – 2018

Twice-yearly appointed position working as a liaison with the president and other members to address the needs of the student body.

America Reads (SDSU) / Rosa Parks Elementary School2011-2012

I worked as a tutor in the America Reads program, teaching first-grade students who had little to no English language skills how to read, and assisting the teacher in the classroom.

Big Brother Big Sister2008-2009

Mentor to a young man in middle-school for one year.

Missouri Association of Naturopathic Physicians1999-2005

My duties included managing grassroots efforts, meetings, state and national relations, member support, collecting membership dues, website development, and lobbying for wider community health access.

The Journal of International Relations, Peace Studies, and Development
Environmental Compliance Through Regulation TechnologyVol. 6: Iss. 1, Article 4.